See Beyond


See Beyond is an intensive 1 day wedding photography workshop
designed to challenge the way you think when approaching
wedding photography. We want to share everything we’ve
learned over the years to help you take your craft to the next
level and upscale your photography business.

During this workshop, we will be focusing on the following
key areas:

Seeing Beyond
Transforming the way you see and how to
find inspiration in any situation.

Documenting the truth and honesty of a
moment in great light using
compositions that work.

We will go through our entire process, from
start to finish.

We will look at how your images can be improved,
focusing on key areas for development.

Practical Lighting Methods
Exploring various lighting options both
natural & off camera for everyday
‘under pressure’ wedding scenarios.

On Location shooting with a couple
Practice what you’ve learnt with
hands-on guidance from us Posing tips.

Post production
We will be taking you through our step to step
editing techniques and how we
push our images to get the best out of them.

Answer all possible questions and more!

Location: London | Date: March 2019

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